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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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Ema was very aware that the faux-cheerful act didn't become her, and frankly, she was absolutely terrible at it anyway. She was still lamenting her poor choice of words when Hayley spoke up.

"That's mine."

As much as she could pin it on the trauma of what had just happened, there was something about the incredibly flat tone Hayley had addressed her in. She was supposed to be upset, she'd barely finished crying, and then suddenly that blunt remark. It was unsettling, to say the least.

Either way, Ema turned around. The other girl was clearly asking for - no, requesting in a no-is-not-an-answer way - her gun back. And here she was fiddling with it as though it were the most natural thing in the world. Still, Ema might have argued, maybe suggested that it wasn't a great idea for to be carrying something so dangerous in her less-than-stable state, but before she could even consider doing so, her eyes found the parallel red marks on Hayley's midriff. There wasn't even time to berate herself for looking at topless girls when there was surviving to do, the sight was more than a little bit frightening. She almost asked "Are you okay?". No. Stupid question. Of course she isn't. Best response? Do what she says and don't antagonise her if it can at all be helped.

"Oh, sorry, I just kind of..."

The blustered response tailed off, and Ema just handed the weapon over without trying to finish it. She'd just kind of gotten used to having it, though. Just kind of started to like the feeling of power it offered. Just kind of liked having the Godlike power to point, click, kill, at her fingertips. But that paled in comparison to how, to be perfectly honest, she was pretty much terrified of Hayley at that moment.

So speaking of not antagonising her, Ema ducked down and grabbed the discarded shirt on the floor, offering that to her companion as well. At that point, words were infinitely harder to muster than they had been just seconds prior, not unlike how words escaped Ema when she was trying to talk to people she'd not met before; the same underlying fear, but for entirely different reasons. She finally summoned a pitifully small voice.

"You might, uh.. you might want that."

"Good God, Ema, that was pathetic."
"Kyle's dead and Hayley's fucking scary."
"Point taken."

"So, err... what now? We might be able to, uh, catch up to her..." It dawned on Ema that she didn't even know who it was that had caused all of this. "...but we should probably gather our stuff first."
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