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The sudden introduction of someone else’s voice jolted Peter from his alcohol-induced euphoria. If he hadn’t been drinking from it at the time, he’d probably have dropped the whole bottle to the ground, possibly making a great big mess in the process. Thankfully, the jump he gave only managed to spill some of the liquor all over himself. Peter coughed as he recapped the bottle, and then wiped his mouth with his remaining intact sleeve. As he stood up, he swatted at his shirt in a futile attempt to prevent it from staining.
At least now there’s a good reason to change into a new shirt.
He should have been paying more attention. Some people wouldn’t have been kind enough to warn him of their presence before capping him from behind. Or stabbing him from behind. All it would take was him dropping his guard for just a few moments. It was an unnerving thought, that it could’ve been him instead of Tiffany if he’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Would I lay my life on the line for her?
But maybe it would’ve been worth it.
Not at all. She wouldn’t have survived another day.
The girl who’d called out had named herself. Not that Peter wouldn’t have been able to recognize her or the towering dark-skinned fellow behind her. Jessie Anderson and Imraan Al-Hariq. The only person who could be considered bigger bible thumpers than those two would be that smug bitch Gettys. Then again, Rachel was all sorts of slimy that Peter wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole. At least Jessie and Imraan were tolerable most of the time when they weren’t talking about their faith.

Peter ambled from his spot near the altar down toward Jessie and Imraan, bottle in hand and smile on his face. Actually, he was just walking over to his backpack, which he had left in the pews. The smiling was incidental. It wasn’t like he wanted to smile; the elation in Jessie’s voice had just managed to rub off on him somehow.
Why can’t I be a bit happy if she’s happy?
“Jessie! Good to see you’re okay,” Peter called out as he walked. A quick lookover found no weapons, but that didn’t discount something hidden. The man behind her, however, was clearly carrying something Peter didn’t want pointed in his direction. He brought up right hand, liquor swishing in the bottle, and gave a mock salute to the tall boy. “Imraan,” Peter said, keeping his voice more neutral despite the smile across his face.

He almost stepped too far, past where his backpack was. “So how’ve you two been holding up?” Peter said as he took a half-step back to arm’s reach of his backpack. He wasn’t sure if the others could see it, but Imraan could probably see the sword and (unloaded) gun strapped on the backpack. Maybe staying close to it wouldn’t be the smartest move if they weren’t going to try to kill him.
The smartest move is obviously to kill them first before they think it. At least there’s some cover.
“I’ve been bouncing around the island, seeing people die, the works. Right now, I’m looking for a friend. Will Hearst. Uh... not too tall, short brownish hair, has a bad arm. He’s kinda a quiet guy, so maybe you don’t know him. Managed to lose him a few days ago, and it’s a bitch trying to actually find somebody around here.” Peter shrugged and then started to uncap the bottle of liquor. “So I decided to take a little break and found me something to help relax with. You can have some if you want. It’s good stuff.”

Another sip of the unassuming fiery drink passed his lips. Peter could definitely feel the buzz take root. In more sober circumstances, he’d be far less talkative and sociable around people he barely knew. As it was, he could keep his cool and keep the other two on their feet, in case things went badly. There was no way he could beat Jessie or Imraan in a straight fight, and if things blew up, Peter’d need every advantage he could get. “Oh, and he has a gun. Need to make sure he doesn’t do something stupid with it. Like shoot people. That would be bad.”
He wouldn’t kill anyone. Will’s not like that.

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Rest in peace

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