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As Ema let her go, Hayley felt her own arms automatically wrap themselves around her bare chest, her fingers digging into her sides. She needed to be touched right now, needed someone's arms around her and dammit, if Ema wasn't going to do it, she'd do it herself and that's pathetic. That is REALLY pathetic, even for you. When did you get so dependent? You didn't need him. You would've killed him yourself at endgame if you'd had to.


She stared at Ema, hardly seeing her or much of anything for that matter, but that was slowly fading. Her sobs subsided, her eyes began to dry. She was not okay, or anything even faintly resembling okay. In fact, considering her life expectancy, it seemed likely that she would never be okay again. This was the kind of thing that was solved out in the real world with lots of therapy and lots of time- here on Survival of the Fittest you kind of had to shut the fuck up and pretend you were good, all set, ready to go and okay.

She was still shaking, but not only from sadness and no longer provoked by sobs. A measure of something else crept into her system, something hateful and red, something Hayley welcomed because anything was better than crying for the next hour like she had found a likely scenario moments before. Ema was grinning the super-fake grin reserved for those who desperately want to cheer someone up and find themselves completely incapable. Hayley felt like she should return the smile, but her mouth didn't want to move. She settled for more staring, which wasn't really helping matters, particularly on the awkwardness front.

"Come on, stop it, you'll make me cry at this rate..."

Ema, darling, your tactfulness never ceases to amaze.

Hayley blinked, surprised by her own moment of mental clarity, by her apparent regain of the ability to think things that weren't self-deprecating, cruel, or horribly despondent. She took that as a good sign, as a sign that she might actually be able to walk out of this place sometime soon.

That hateful red something was still there. She tried to ignore it, but it made its presence known just enough for Hayley to take notice of exactly what Ema had taken into her possession.


"We need to get our arses in gear, we're sitting ducks like this," Ema said, and she was right, but Hayley was only vaguely listening. Her eyes were fixated on that gun.

Vera. Kyle's dead because I left Vera behind. Can't let myself be unprepared. Can't be defenseless. Can't fuck up. Never, ever again. Can't let Ema die. I made a promise, you broke that promise I KNOW, I know. I know. I failed. But I can't fail again. I can still save Ema, yeah? I'm not...I'm not completely useless. I beg to differ. And I don't give two fucks. Give me a chance, let me fight, let me out of my goddamn cage. Me and her are going to live and everyone else can dig their fucking graves right now.

And Charlene? Dead. So dead, so godfucking dead, if someone kills her before I do I'll just have to kill them for fucking daring-

The red burned brighter at the very mention of that name,

Hayley remembered that Ema had been saying something, and knew she should say something, but the only words that would come out of her mouth were-

"That's mine."

One of her hands left its place, gripping her side, to ask for it, Vera, back. Her long nails had left shallow gouges in her skin.

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