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((Allen Birkman continued from Out on a Tether))

Allen glanced over the notes Andrea gave him, memorizing the information, then closed the book and handed it back to his companion. 'Man, Liz is in for a whole load of shit if she gets herself caught by them,' Allen thought, reminded of Lucy's untimely and gruesome death thanks to the girl's destructive actions. It had to have pissed Danya and his goons off to no end, and he really wouldn't want to be in her shoes right about now.

It was a big risk they were taking themselves, making their way in the direction the helicopter was heading, but as long as they kept their distance from whatever was happening, nothing bad would come out of it, right? And with the flat terrain of the felled forest, they could see for miles in pretty much every direction. So there was virtually no chance of a sneak attack on them.

"Sure, let's stop for a bit," Allen replied, plonking himself down on the nearest tree stump and sighed noisily. He reached inside his bag and pulled out a half-eaten candy bar that he'd plundered from the late Student Council President's bag. He chewed on the remainder of the snack, wondering just how much weight he'd have lost through not eating alone. He was sorely tempted to snack on another bar just to satisfy his hunger, but he fought it, knowing he had to conserve their supplies.

Just in case the people watching them grew suspicious, Allen had suggested to Andrea they use the excuse that they were walking past the logging road and instead heading towards the western side of the island. Well, there was an element of truth in that, since he hadn't been that way before and once they'd done what they were going to do, they probably would go on their merry way and explore on that side of the island afterward. Like Andrea said, hopefully they'd find a couple of discarded duffel bags in the process. Goodness knows the supplies picked up from Max's bag weren't going to keep the pair of them going forever.

The memory of visiting the boarding school and viewing the plaque entered his thoughts again at the mention of the earlier version of the deadly game. 'Sidney Crosby... you poor guy...'

"Hey, uh, Andrea," Allen started, tossing the empty wrapper to the floor, "since you're clued up about the whole Survival of the Fittest stuff, would you know who Sidney Crosby was?"
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