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The other girl on the scene (not-Rena) decided to turn away from the madness and wander off. Meh, Sunil couldn't really care much for not-Rena, so whatever. He didn't even remember catching her name, so she could be listed on the announcements today and Sunil would have no idea it was her.

Damn, that was a depressing thought.


Apparently, Rena had flipped out at this Dustin guy in the tunnels (Sunil had never been there, but they sounded really dark and grimy) and accused him of being a murderer. But, unlike Garry, Dustin had definitely not been on the most recent announcement, and he couldn't remember him on any announcement before that. If he had been, Danya probably would have made a groan-inducing joke about him arriving "Dustin time" or "Dustin away the competition".

As Garry attempted to serve as a negotiator and peacemaker, attempting to patch up the abysmal initial impressions Rena and Sunil had given Dustin, Sunil kept to the wishes of Dustin and everyone else in the area and kept his lips sealed tightly. If he opened his mouth, he'd probably make the situation in this little corner of the mountains as big of a fuck-up as the situation in...erm...pretty much every country in the Middle East?

Yeah, that was a good comparison. Sunil really should have got better grades in English with such intricate, multi-layered metaphors like that.

He felt quite chuffed with himself.

Suppressing the niggling thought at the back of his mind that he'd just made a simile as opposed to a metaphor (Sunil would die not knowing the answer to that question), Sunil gave a token nod of approval to the suggestion to not kill people and to get on with each other, and turned to follow Garry away from the mountain.

Sunil told himself as he walked that things would get better, that he would prove himself to be a competent, heroic component of this ragtag new team, that he would....

Give it a break, Sunil. You're not fooling anyone. You're gonna be a failure on this island.

Oh, how Sunil loved a positive mental attitude.

((Sunil Savarkar continued I'll Huff And I'll Puff))
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