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Ray had finished about half the bread by the time Annaliese finished her story (if you could call it that; it was more like a strange list of happenings). She didn't give him a whole lot of last names, but he figured he wouldn't know too many of them anyway. Lily Maclaughlin, at least, had come around once or twice to cover wrestling meets. She had always looked kind of bored, and he didn't blame her. Sweaty men grappling each other wasn't exactly a fun way to spend the evening.

"Yeah, I know you didn't. That girl was with him when I got there."

Then she asked him about his own experience. Truth be told, he was probably worse at telling stories than Annaliese. A lot had happened, but he didn't have much to see about it.

"I woke up, met a couple of guys. Saw some people die."

He shifted on the rock, rested his elbows on his knees and looked at the ground.

"Got split up from them. Neill Robertson and Bobby Barron, maybe you know them. I was looking for them when I got to that phone tower and found Kris instead. Then you showed up." He shrugged; Annaliese knew the rest from there.

Something was bugging him, though. "Why did you come up there, exactly? Kind of an out of the way place to wander." Not that Ray would have put it past her; Annaliese seemed like the kind of person that could meander into a volcano and not wonder how she got there.
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