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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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At some point, Hayley had started crying. Whilst Ema did take notice, she didn't think much of it, as it was entirely obvious why. She hadn't been there, but all three 'new friends' she'd made on her first day had died, and she knew how it felt to recieve that news. It hadn't been to a gunshot, but she'd also lost a loved one before. She tried her best to disregard how the person in question was Hayley herself. The point was, she knew a considerably less intense version of how Hayley was feeling, and she didn't blame her at all.

"Me too,"

The two stayed that way for quite some time. Ema had no idea exactly how long, she didn't have a watch, and she wasn't counting. Time was immaterial for the moment, time could wait for all she cared, Ema had a friend to comfort. Eventually, though, it dawned on her that they should get moving. If a player came along, they were practically helpless, and if anyone else came along and saw the two of them next to Kyle's body, they could get the wrong idea - and again they were practically helpless. If nothing else, best to find a safer place to grieve.

Slowly, and quite clearly reluctantly, Ema pulled away from her best friend. For a fleeting moment, she found herself not quite able to keep moving away, stuck staring into Hayley's eyes, no more than two feet away from her face. But she caught herself, refused to be involved in one of those cliché moments where the two awkward people don't kiss, and backed off fully. She forced herself to grin - and boy was it obviously forced - and put on that fake-enthusiastic-clearly-not voice. "Come on, stop it, you'll make me cry at this rate..."

A pause. That probably wasn't the best choice of words.

"We need to get our arses in gear, we're sitting ducks like this."

Ema's face was quite clearly not the picture of readiness, so she turned away, took the gun back out of her pocket, and flicked the safety off. No fuck-ups due to that in the future. It never even crossed her mind that the weapon was Hayley's - as much as taking it from James first counted as ownership - or that she should probably give it back. She'd been entirely ready to shoot at Charlene. She'd even tried to. It felt almost natural to have the gun in her hand now.
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