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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Annaliese tried not to giggle as Ray gnawed on his bread. She pulled out her partial loaf and tried to pluck some chunks off of it. Watching Ray drink reminded her of her water situation. She got out the loathsome plastic water bottle and eyed what remained as Ray made himself comfortable. She’d ask him about the water situation later she decided as she popped a piece of bread in her mouth.

Her chewing slowed as she contemplated Ray’s question. She thought back to all the places she’d been and all of the people who died. It wasn’t really something she wanted to dwell on, but ducking the only question the guy who saved your life asked seemed like really bad form. Looking anywhere but Ray, she tried to keep her voice upbeat as she recounted the days.

“Well, uhhh, lessee…I woke up and met a guy named Frankie. He seemed really nice. Then we met his unrequited love. I think her name was Erica? Uh yeah, they had some issues to work out. Frankie attacked Erica and Erica killed him. I, uh, left after that. Then I met up with Jackie Myrie and her friend Allie. We were gonna have dinner together, outside the church. It was cool, for about six seconds. Then Lily MacLaughlin showed up and went all ‘mall violence, film at eleven’. Well, she threatened to kill us because I guess she killed someone else, so Jackie freaked the fuck out and channeled her inner Connor MacLeod. For whatever reason, Jackie then went all spaz-mo-tron at me so I booked it outta there. I still don’t know how to feel about that,” she admitted with a sigh.

“After that, I ran into Tyler and Sarah and the spiky French chick in, umm….uhhh…the place with the houses?” She wrinkled her brow. “Yeah, I think that’s where it was. Things were pretty cool, but the girls made it obvious they wanted to be *alone* together. So I beat feet from there too.”

As she recounted her travels, she realized that an awful lot of people seemed to die around her. Her eyes widened as the implications of her travels hit home. Quickly looking at Ray, she tried to reassure him. “But don’t worry. Nobody died there. I swear. At least, nobody died while I was there. I can’t be held responsible for what happened afterwards. So I left them and then I found Kris, but you know, that boy was TOTALLY dead when I got there. I mean, you were there. You know I had nothing to do with it.”

Realizing that she sounded desperate, Annaliese tried to calm herself down and play it cool. “So…uh…yeah. That’s my travelogue here on Crapfest Island. What, uh, what about you?”
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