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Ray didn't know if lembas bread was what the brand of whatever it was Danya supplied them (He'd seen Lord of the Rings a long time ago, and didn't much care for it; too much walking), but when Annaliese started pulling a bakery out of her bag he found he didn't give a shit. Still, it wouldn't be cool taking all the girl's bread, he was sure he could last another couple days off what he had left.

"Nah...you keep it. You'll need it more than m-" His stomach positively roared this time, as if calling him a dumbass.

"Ok, one. Just one." He begrudgingly took one of the proffered loafs and bit into it. Hard as a brick, but his stomach didn't care. It just wanted the nourishment. As he chewed he pulled his bottle of water out and took a sip. His mouth had been dry before, and the water made eating the bite less of a chore.

A food break seemed as good a place as any to pause, so Ray found a rock and sat down on it. It felt as fine as a plush chair at the moment.

"You never told me nothing about you....How have you been making out in the past couple days?" He asked. There was no dessert, so Ray figured some conversation would sweeten the meal. Even if it was meandering, nonsensical Annaliese conversation.
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