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((Permission granted to start this thread by mods, since one of the mountain threads only has one person left in it))

((Raymond Dawson and Annaliese Hansen continued from Corpsewalker))

In all his years wrestling, Ray had gained a certain ability to go for long periods without eating much at all. He usually cut about ten pounds in the weeks leading up to meets. Stuck to eating egg whites in the morning, maybe some bread in the evening, and lots of water. The emptiness in his stomach that he was feeling now was something he was accustomed to. Since he woke up on the island he hadn't been through too much of his procured rations, but even stretching it wasn't a whole lot.

And let's face it, practiced at starving yourself or no, being hungry sucked.

After their flight from the cell-phone tower where Kristina "Fuck your Decency" Hartmann (Annaliese had filled him in on her name), the two had started back down the south side of the mountain. Ray figured one direction was as good as any at this point, and Annaliese....well, Annaliese didn't seem to be all there anyways.

He talked with her as they walked down, and Ray found his cohort was...interesting, if anything. She went from referencing about a dozen movies he'd never seen to chastising him about the ozone layer in the space of about five minutes. It was exhausting, but it took his mind off of his stomach. For a little while.

They had stopped to make camp in the night, as it was slow going. Partly because it was a big fucking mountain, partly because Annaliese seemed to be ok with strolling around and enjoying the sights. She talked his ear off more, too, until she finally drifted off to sleep. Ray was grateful. He stood watch over her for a couple hours in the night, and went down himself when he was sure Kris wasn't gonna come screaming down the mountain for them.

When they woke up (Annaliese by shaking him awake; not exactly welcome), they started moving again. They managed to make the base of the mountain by a little before midday.

Ray's stomach growled, loudly. He had skipped breakfast (and a meal or two before that), and he wrapped his arm around it to stifle the sound.

"They coulda gave us some sandwiches or something..." He said, his free hand tugging at his unravelling cornrows.
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