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((Charlene Norris continued from Without Love, It Cannot Be Seen))

Charlie had been running for ... actually, she didn't know how long. The only rest she had taken was to take care of the cut that Hayley had left on her arm. So now, her sweatshirt was wrapped around her waist, allowing any nearby pervert to see her boobs bouncing around. Not that she cared much right now as she entered the tunnel. The only things she felt was exhaustion from having run ever since the woods, and a dull pain from the now covered cut on her left arm, from the knife now in her bag.

As she walked through the now dark tunnels, she could make out conversation and a small light. She couldn't make out who it was or what they were saying over the pounding of her own heart, nor did she care about it. The only thing she really could make out was that Hayley wasn't here, and that fact made her current location as safe as any.

As she slid down the wall at sat down about five feet away from the light, she ignored the voice in her head reminding her of Maxwell Lombardi and Reiko Ishida as her gun clattered to the ground as she attempted, with little success, to relax.
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