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Things certainly went downhill quickly. The alacrity with which Milo rose to Aileen's baiting was nothing short of impressive. It was also fiendishly loud. Milo started screaming out for Jacquard, too, just in case they're position wasn't unstable enough already. It was really getting to be too much. Aaron had tried. Man, he'd tried so hard to put up with this nonsense. He'd had a team at one point, had some semblance of cohesion and unity and sanity. Now, that was gone. Everyone useful was lost or being neutralized. His remaining allies seemed to clash in such a way as to negate each other's assets, leaving only problems.

He was tempted to fire the pistol into the air once or twice, just to shut everyone else up. It wasn't like the noise could possibly make things worse. If anything, it might make Aileen freak out and move them along.

It seemed she was ready to go anyways, though. She mentioned finding Bounce. Good. Someone remembered the plan. She also mentioned the others, from way back at the start. Hm. No. Absolutely not. Aaron knew who was worth grouping up with and who wasn't. Rekka and Lily were traitors to the cause. He'd told them they could leave with no hard feelings, but that didn't mean he'd ever trust them again. They had opted out. They'd probably die soon, if they weren't dead already. Francine was dead, burned up or something. He'd noted it.

"I think they made their choice clear," Aaron said. "We don't want to force anyone along. And yes, let's find Bounce."

And then he realized that someone else had stumbled into the scene, had greeted him. He glanced at her. Some popular girl or something. He didn't know her name. Right now, he didn't care. She wasn't Aileen. She wasn't Milo. Good enough for him.

He nodded politely in her direction, and said, "Hello. You seem to have caught us at a bit of a... stressful time. Things are usually more organized."

He gestured to his allies, then let his hand fall next to his pocket, within reach of the gun. Better safe than sorry.

"I don't suppose you'd be interested in helping us get out of here?"
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