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"I already injected some, need te eat after otherwise my sugar will drop to minus ten and I'll explode or something," Acacia said conversationally, as usual, unable to take her diabetes seriously when someone else was. That had always annoyed her doctors, who had thought she didn't understand her condition and they explained it over and over again until they were blue in the face. Even though she had never had a complication, and hadn't been admitted to hospital for it since she was diagnosed as a toddler. "Insulin goes with food, or in this case, haribo sandwiches. Which I don't think could possibly be considered food by any stretch of the imagination." But something Thea had said had struck her. She'd only brought two weeks supply with her. How long had the previous series lasted? It had to be about that long. But with her levels so all over the place she was using more than she usually would to try and keep it steady, and all that running required a lot of eating.

And she'd thought that cheerleading camp was hard to manage.

It was imperative that she was more careful from now on. She needed to keep to a more regular timetable of eating and injecting, like she had done when she was younger. Chewing slowly on a bite of sandwich that only contained bread, and was thus somewhat more palatable, she tried to calculate it. Three meals a day, so three short acting shots a day plus a long acting overnight, and she had... how many left? She didn't want to look, just in case the answer scared her. At any rate, there was nothing she could do about what she had consumed now. She just had to keep on going. Still, it was probably best to appease Teah but giving some kind of answer.

"And it'll be fine," she continued when she had swallowed. "I brought two weeks worth." And I've used a week and a half already. No, she didn't actually know that, some days she'd hardly used any, mostly when they weren't eating, there didn't seem much point in using it, not the short acting stuff anyway. Quick, change the subject. She meant what she said. I WILL be fine. I WILL survive.

"What's your plan?" Acacia said after a moment's silence. "Mine was to help Roman find Alex, and we did that. I like having something to do." Other than killing everyone. "Anyone you're looking for?" she asked hopefully.
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