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Mr. Danya
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So, believe it or not for a member of this site, I actually occasionally write stuff that isn't SOTF related.

I'll give you a moment for that to sink in.

Now that you're over that shock, have my first piece that I'll share with you all. It's a little poem for a writing contest those of you in chat may have heard me bitching about and how it's creatively confining with its limited titles. Normally I'm not one for poems, but hey this came out quicker than a story so it'll go here first. I've had to use an image because zetaboards are jerks and won't let the text go the way that I want it to so nuts to them.


Constructive criticism or comments of non-criticism nature on anything I do is always loved. Unless you put me down, in which case I will cry in a corner after accepting it. But will still love it.

masochist me.

Opinions on any single item in here are welcome.

First page item's gone forever thanks Photobucket
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