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1. Andrew Mitchell (Tythanin)
2. Maxwell Lombardi (Fiori) - Janet Claymont (Slamexo, Hero Card used)
3. Annaliese Hanson (BetaKnight) - Aislyn McCreery (BetaKnight, Swap Card used)
4. Ilario Fiametta (faceinabook) - Liz Polanski (storyspoiler, Hero Card used)
5. Gloria Benson (Moth)
6. Kevin Harding (E.T Requiem)
7. Reiko Ishida (Rocky) - Mia Kuiper (Geno, Hero Card used)
8. Garry Villette (Renard) - Courtney Bradley (Dom, Hero Card used)

Three days (18th) to play cards, ten days (25th) to get deaths done.
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