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Well. The basic story here seemed to be that everyone was retarded and/or insane, except for Garry, and except for that other girl, Marion, who apparently decided to leave. Probably because of that whole everyone is retarded and/or insane bit. Not even Dustin Royal could keep a cute girl hanging with a killer, a probable psychopath and a fucking idiot. And if he hadn't already been a bit irritated at all of them (and I sure fucking was), he most definitely was now.

"Good job, guys," he said with cheerful sarcasm. "You've managed to chase off the only sane girl for miles. Awesome job." He raised an eyebrow. "Much as I appreciate you two not talking...no, actually, keep not talking. Garry?"

He looked back at his friend. In all honesty he was still stumbling over this Garry killed someone thing, but he was going to try really hard. After all, this kid was the closest thing he had to an ally right now.

"To answer your question, yes, we've met, no, we don't really know each other given that we met in those goddamn tunnels-" he jerked his head towards the tunnel he'd so recently found his way out of- "where she accused me of killing the shit of some I-don't-know-who. Person. Dead person." He didn't want to give details, really. He never wanted to think about any of that ever again, really. God, this game is fucked up.

Anyway. He shook his head, and sighed.

"Whatever. I don't like either of you, particularly, but I like Garry here, no homo, and I'm sticking with him. So we're all going to have to just...deal with each other. And not kill anyone else. Alright?"

He followed the others away, willingly enough. Not like he had other plans.

[[Dustin Royal continued in I'll Huff and I'll Puff]]
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