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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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Say something, Ema.


Say something goddamnit.

But the sight before her robbed Ema of her ability to speak. Hayley didn't seem to be having much more success herself. The gun was still in her hand, it felt awkward, alien, heavier than it truly was and as though it didn't belong. There wasn't anybody to shoot anyway, so Ema thrust it into her back-pocket. She looked down as she did, and it was a good excuse to avert her eyes from the piteous scene. She didn't look up for a few seconds.

Just what does one say to a person that just saw their boyfriend shot dead? When they're still there, beside the body, trying to tell them to wake up?

There was really nothing Ema could say, not with regards to the late Kyle Portman at least. Not with regards to how Hayley felt about it, either. Perhaps later, but not then. So instead,

"I'm... I'm sorry."

She apologised. Charlene had gotten away, and it was her own fault for not thinking to check the gun was actually usable before trying to shoot. In hindsight, she hadn't even checked the magazine to see if it was empty or not.

"I'm so sorry."

Again, it felt cathartic to repeat herself. And failing to avenge Hayley's loss wasn't all she was apologising for any more. For how she'd reacted to hearing that Hayley had killed on the second day, for instantly assuming the worst. Ema looked back up, rubbing at her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Hayley."

For being so incredulous when introduced as her "best friend". For interrupting her and Kyle when they'd first linked up. If not for that, none of this might have even happened. Apologising again seemed excessive, and there were only so many different ways Ema could put "sorry" into a short sentence. Instead, this time, she moved down to Hayley's height, closer to Kyle's body. She avoided the pool of blood, which was longer expanding fast enough to warrant worrying about it further, and tried not to look at the boy's lifeless eyes, or the slowly fading heart he'd drawn. She looked at Hayley, and with a haste that gave away how unsure she was about it, Ema grasped her in a close embrace.

"Congratulations, you've been promoted to 'shoulder to cry on'."

Ema completely ignored that voice, barely even noticed it in the first place. That was a good sign, only a tiny part of her was remaining stubbornly bitter, and by-and-large, Ema didn't care for it. All she cared for right now was hugging her best friend, making sure she was okay, letting her know she wasn't alone just yet. Silently apologising for everything she regretted - and there was plenty still to list, but the banner of "Being bitter like a complete tosser and hating Hayley way more than she deserved" covered the majority.

"I am so, so sorry."

And the second half, she still hadn't the heart to say.
"And I forgive you."
Ema only hoped Hayley forgave her, too.
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