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Bill had stormed up the stairs, not knowing who (or what) he was going to run into. All in all, this was not going well. A few minutes earlier, he'd accidentally put three blasts of shot into his partner-in-stopping-crime. On the bright side, by the time he'd gotten over to Logan, Logan was already so far gone that there was nothing he could have done. Checking Logan's pulse was entirely irrelevant: He had so many holes in his chest that if he wasn't dead, he would be soon.

Sorry, bud. I didn't plan on this.

Storming up the stairs, he'd discharged two more rounds at what he thought was his nemesis...only to run into someone who started blathering about someone else being in the building...

...and, to make things worse, telling him he was out of ammo.

Are math classes really that bad these days?

“No, there were only two shots in the second volley,” Bill said. “So that makes the count seven. Three plus two plus two.”

“No, you’re wrong it was definitely eight. Three and three and then two.”


“See,” Bill said smugly. "I told you it was only seven. Three plus TWO plus two...plus one.”

As Marion collapsed, Bill shook his head as he looked down at the killer he'd caught.

"Nice try, but I'm not stupid."

Bill had the foresight to check Marion's pulse, and finding none, he took a step back, looking at a camera for a moment.

"Nobody take me for an idiot. If you're "playing" this game..." Bill put finger quotes up as he said playing, just for emphasis. He had the room to himself, and was feeling rather triumphant, even if his words were outpacing his thoughts. "...then I will track you down and...stop you." A smug grin grew on his face as he said this, feeling useful for once on the island.
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