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Marion swallowed as a girl appeared at the top of the stairs. Two gunshots followed her, scattering the wood doorframe across the room as the rounds impacted. Marion flinched as a boy followed, with a shotgun in his hand. It took her a moment to identify Rhory and Bill. He looked determined and Marion made a split second decision to intervene on Rhory’s behalf.

“What are you doing waving that gun around? There aren’t any bullets left in it?” she stated confidently.

Bill turned to look at her momentarily confused by the appearance of another person. “What?”

“You don’t have any shells left, you’ve fired eight already,” Marion said stepping forward. She raised her hand and raised her fingers as she talked. “There were three in the first volley, then a pause and another three. Then there were two as Rhory came up the stairs. That’s three plus three plus two, for a total of eight. You’re out.”

Marion wasn’t exactly sure how many bullets or shots or whatever it was his gun held, but it seemed to have stopped him in his tracks, so she did her best not to look at all intimidated by the gun.

“No, there were only two shots in the second volley,” Bill said. “So that makes the count seven. Three plus two plus two.”

Marion bit her lip as she considered his math. “No, you’re wrong it was definitely eight. Three and three and then two.”

Bill seemed to consider this for a moment and then to Marion’s surprise turned the gun on her and fired.

“See,” Bill said smugly. "I told you it was only seven. Three plus TWO plus two...plus one.”

Marion didn’t hear the last comment or even live long enough to realize that she was wrong. The shot tore through her heart, killing her instantly. Her body collapsed to the ground, her face frozen in surprise.

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