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Thea nodded thanks at Acacia’s consolation, but didn’t want to dwell on it. That’s all she’d been doing for the better part of a day. Not that she wanted to forget James, it’s just dwelling on his death had gotten her accused of wanting to kill Hayley, and while that was in her plans, she needed to play things a little closer to the vest. Especially if there were more lovesick morons running around the island pining for Hayley.

She frowned at Acacia’s explanation; it sounded to her as if Acacia had done what she thought was necessary. Her and Roman had seemed pretty friendly earlier. She knew that name sounded familiar, she’d meet him briefly before she’d had to ditch those followers. Thea wasn’t sure if she’d be able to convince her into helping her get revenge on Hayley. As far as Thea knew there wasn’t anything wrong with Hayley. That is if you didn’t count the fact that she was a raging psycho.

Acacia’s exclamation broke through Thea’s thoughts and she looked down to see that the girl was holding up a candy sandwich. “Are you sure you should be having so much? I don’t know exactly how your insulin works but won’t adding sugar end up hurting you? How much do you have left anyway? Insulin, I mean.”
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