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She was on the ground. How was she on the ground? This was one of those in-the-moment mental inconveniences, where you can't comprehend exactly what's happening while it's happening, but it'd make perfect sense later, when she'd be able to clearly remember the moment when Kyle pushed her over. For her own protection. Because

because so much was going so wrong.

So here in present time, here she was, on the floor, with that glint of something, that glint of light moving fast, and Charlene's hand moved with it, and along with that movement came those sounds, three in a row, so familiar and yet still so fucking gut-wrenching-




But then she was gone. Charlene was gone, that fucking intrusive moment-killer (what's the opposite of a cockblock? well, she was that too, I guess) and now she and Kyle were alone again and Hayley Kelly, bless her heart, her first comprehensible thought was Took her long enough. Now where were we?

Of course, Hayley knew. Of course, Hayley wasn't a complete idiot. Of course, Hayley was in blissful denial, at least for the second she let herself be suspended in time before the truth hit her and Kyle, her boyfriend, the boy who she may or may not love- have loved? -he hit the ground.

She stared at him. Blood was escaping his chest, rapidly dying his shirt and the ground red and she'd seen all this before but not quite like this. Her eyes were dry, completely. her tears all wasted on vague fears and selfish wishes, things made trivial. Tears would be insulting. Besides, how could she cry when her mind had gone so blank, so numb, so useless?

He drew a heart. A heart, with blood in the ground. That was so dorky. So cute. So Kyle.

She might have laughed, if there weren't these choking sounds attempting to escape her throat.

His arm fell now. She thought she could hear his heart in the silence of the woods, pounding out of time, harder, making up for its lack of remaining time by beating hard as it could. He was breathing harder now, keeping time, and through it all all she could do was hope that her expression wasn't as blank and numb and dead as she felt. All she could do was watch in silence, deadly dead silence as he smiled and she felt her mouth force itself to mimic the action. She smiled at him through dead eyes as his dead eyes fluttered closed.

And all was still.


Her voice escaped that choking, that horrible clenched feeling in her throat, as she addressed the boy who was not moving at all. She reached out to touch him, to shake him, noticing for the first time that there was blood on her and only noticing in that detached, back-brain sort of way that would not be acknowledged, not really, until much later. For now, though, she touched his shoulder. Nudged him. Hayley Kelly was deep in denial.

But she knew. She did. But she couldn't know. Because if she knew, it was true.

Because she'd had enough nervous breakdowns for one day, thank you. Denial could put this one on the back-burner, at least for a moment or two.

"Wake up."

liar. failure. loser.

"Please, just..please. Please, just wake up."

murderer. scum. trash.

She touched him again, and his body moved with her touch, staying where it was pushed in a way that provoked her gag reflex. A fly landed on his cheek and she brushed it away reflexively, her hand staying on his cheek. Still warm. Cooling rapidly.

"Stop...stop, fuck, you're not funny, we have to go, okay? Wake up, yeah? Please..."

She looked up, suddenly, instinct provoking her.

There was Ema. Holding her gun.

The look on her face said so much.

The choking was back. Her voice was a pathetic shadow of itself.


See what happened to Kyle.


Dead. He's dead.


you're pathetic.

shut up. please.

i...i'm trying.
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