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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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((I haven't seen Sunny in almost a month now, if she's not coming back, we'd better find out what's going to happen to OC))

"Okay, look... As you may already noticed, my escape plan is bloodless, and I have no intention of hurting anyone, unless in self defense. So you can both calm down... Anyway, I'm going to continue with my plan. You like it? Feel free to go with me. Don't like it? Go the other way. After all, no one 'orders' you to stay with me..."

This guy seemed to mean business, but he seemed to take a verbal jab at Cisco every time he opened his mouth, and Cisco was in a messed-up state as it was. Even so, he knew what he was doing.

"I want to go to the broken cell phone tower next. It had to be built for a certain phone company, so if we'll learn which one, maybe that will narrow down things a bit. If you have a better idea though, then I'm all ears."

Oh yes, he really seemed to know what he was doing, and Josée liked the idea of being in the team that saved everyone, so she'd have to get in on it. and as an added bonus, if she was going to be scouring the entire island, she ran just find Remy... Possibly, Josée didn't really hold her breath on that one. Without fully considering the friction between the boy and Cisco, Josée spoke. "I'm with you then, we all want to get off this Hell of an island... And if I find my idiot brother in the process, then that's just all the better for me. Right Cisco?"

Josée turned to him smiling, narrow-mindedly not considering the possibility that he might have any objection to the plan.
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