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((*puts on his Rosie-Mask*))

While everyone slept, Erik thought.

Why did he do it? Why did he let Brendan go?

It seemed so long ago now. He mumbled. Erik sat there. They kissed, and he left. Limping. Hurt. He couldn't hide it that well, Erik knew fully well how much pain he was in. But...why didn't he go after him?

When your boyfriend is trapped on a deserted island with you and...Erik shook his head and tried not to think up that ridiculous number. However many classmates it was, you need to have some sort of last thoughts, some last little bits of information, just something you need to get off your chest. There was so much stuff he had to say, yet he couldn't say it cause no one to say it to was here.

Chloe, Brendan...Robert...

These feelings surrounding him just sort of teetered out. Chloe...where was she? He never saw her at the buses, did she miss out on the trip? Sick? She wasn't on the announcements at all, there was still a small group of people who he had no idea what had even happened to them. If it wasn't for finally running into Brendan, then that periphery would be even smaller.

But these people...they weren't the people he was looking for.

As he sat there, watching the diverse group of his classmates sleep throughout the night, Erik bit his lip. They weren't Brendan. They knew him, he knew them, but they weren't him.

He had to look for him. Even running into Robert now would be a much better alternative to doing nothing.

His long, awkwardly-shaped hands fumbled around, just wishing he knew what the right thing to do was.

This was answered for him quite quickly.

Their guard, whoever he was, got up and left. After a few minutes, when he didn't come back, Erik knew this was the least awkward chance he would get.

Pulling himself onto the nearest stump, he took his bag with him and slung it around his shoulder, dangling awkwardly in the night like a mysterious trap, goading some unlucky bug to death.

Find him. Find anyone.

Erik strode off quickly towards where he guessed Brendan was headed. No idea. But it was better than sitting around feeling absolutely worthless.

((Erik Laurin continued in The Lost Boys))

And all the while, Sarah Tan watched through foggy eyes, winced slightly, then closed them once more.


"Right, guys, I need to stretch my legs and there's no point in staying here. Let's get going, guys."

Daylight. They were all well awake by then, and Sarah was sorting through her bags. All the medical supplies she grabbed were accounted for, the few days they spent camped there were vicariously short of thieves or anyone desperate. Not that she'd turn away a desperate person, no, if they asked she could provide them with ample supplies.

Check, check, and check! Everything we need is in here! If Brendan comes back, we can get his leg fixed up again, the stitches probably haven't held...No! Don't think like that! He's smart, he'll know what to do, won't he?

"We've got everything we need here! Let's go! We can find a place to set up shop and maybe get a clinic together!" Sarah bubbled out, still pretty groggy from too much sleep and not enough energy intake. She'd taken and devoured a whole loaf of bread while she searched, blissfully ignoring the possible nutritional ramifications.

The petite girl slide her arm under the strap, and tugged the bag somewhat off the ground, balancing awkwardly in a somewhat comical position. This didn't last long, as she quickly started bounding off after the two boys who were now leading the group.

((Sarah Tan continued in Keep On Smiling))
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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