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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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A sudden, sharp sound awoke Ema from her waking daze. Having nothing to do had become so mind-numbing, all she could focus on was watching the treeline all around her, pacing around, hoping she didn't see anyone approaching. There were another two directly afterwards, and it didn't take long for the girl to identify them as gunshots. She almost dismissed them, "Great, Hayley's shooting someone aga--"

But I have her gun.

That realisation made her heart skip a beat.

Then it came back in full force, racing with fear and adrenaline. Somebody was shooting, it was coming from the direction Hayley and Kyle had gone off in. And it wasn't either of them.


No response.

Ema took off running.

By the grace of whatever was watching over her, she had the luck not to trip over any more undergrowth. At worst, she had to barge past some small branches, slowing her a little. She didn't hear anything.

She didn't want to believe Hayley could've been hit. But it was worth a try.


No response from him, either.

No... no no no...

Ema didn't want Hayley to be dead, but she wanted even less for them both to be gone.

She didn't want to be alone.

Panic flooded Ema's mind, and she sped up. The hood of her coat flew off of her head, and as it was unzipped, the back billowed out behind her. Only her forward-leaning posture kept the arms from slipping off of her shoulders, too. And then she saw it.

It was unmistakable, the kind of thing where you have no idea what to expect, but know it's exactly what you were looking for when you see it. Except in the most morbid manner imaginable.

Hayley was alive.

Kyle wasn't.

Ema stopped dead.

Whoever had done it was no longer around, no, they were on their way out. Someone Ema didn't recognise - surprise surprise - fleeing into the distance. It was just as well, Ema didn't have the slightest idea how to speak to Hayley at that moment, attempting to retaliate was the best she could do. She lifted the gun, placed her right index-finger to the trigger and her left to the squared trigger-guard, cradling her right hand in her left palm. For some reason, the entire preparation felt so very natural.

But the trigger wouldn't budge. Ema cursed, a rather quiet "Fuck!" under her breath, and fumbled for the safety. By the time she'd turned it off, Charlene was long gone.

Ema put the safety back on, and lowered the gun, holding it by her side, dejected, disappointed in herself.

She turned to face Hayley, and instantly froze up.

What the hell are you supposed to say at a time like this?
Every time you fall asleep you die. Someone else wakes up in your body, thinking they're you.
You are alone and trapped in your own mind, the world around you is your lie.
Soon you will be nothing, you will never again hear sounds, never again see colours, never again be anyone.

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