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Kyle reacted as Charlene accelerated her movement. Swiftly, he stepped between her and Hayley, pushed Hayley out of the way and, in the same motion, threw the knife. His brain registered three shots.

And then... pain. Oh God the pain.

His side was burning, and he fell over backward, gasping for breath. Oh god, oh god no no why the pain. He could feel air slipping through his fingers, tightly clasped on the hole, the bleeding hole in his chest. Through the red haze, he saw that Charlene had run, and he relaxed mentally. Hayley was safe.

If only the same could be said for him. He gasped for breath again, feeling his own blood, sticky and warm, slipping through his fingers, despite his desperate attempts to stem the flow. It was pathetic really, trying to keep his blood in by hand. He looked to his left, to where Hayley had landed. It occurred to him that his glasses had fallen off sometime during the hubbub. Didn't matter now. He reached out to her, trying to tell her, "Don't cry. Don't cry." He couldn't muster the breath for the words, couldn't make his mouth move in such a way to form the letters.

A harsh cough shook his body, spraying blood from his mouth as his body exercised the futile practice of expelling the blood from his lungs. The pain gripped him again, and he rolled over and vomited. Away from Hayley. She shouldn't see him like this, in this state.

He was beginning to feel cold, his limbs growing heavy. With great effort, he rolled back to face Hayley. He dipped his finger in his own blood and drew a simple symbol on the ground: <3.

His arm collapsed uselessly at his side and his breathing grew shallow. His eyes dimmed as he tried to focus on Hayley's face. He mustered a final smile, and then his eyes closed.

And they never opened again.

[[Kyle Portman, Boy #127: DECEASED]]

((Happy Valentines Day, everybody!))
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