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Tabi was afraid, and she seemed lost to herself.

It couldn't be helped, because being afraid was understandable. There was no telling what the darkness might hold for each of them, aside from a new day waiting on the other side of it. In order to get there with their lives intact, they'd need rest. Sleep was good... yeah, definitely good. The burning in his eyes attested to that with great certainty, and his eyelids kept getting heavier and heavier. If they'd be safe, just this once, maybe a little bit of a nap would be alright.

If only he hadn't needed sleep so badly, he would be content with staring at the ocean until then sun fell down behind them, covering it all in darkness. Then, when he could no longer see it, maybe he'd just listen to the waves and let them carry him off.

Just like when I woke up... I looked out there and wondered just what it might be like to be a wave. I'd come in, crash against this island once, and then I'd roll away again. I wouldn't have to care about anything.

Over-tired fingers removed and folded up his glasses, placing them inside their proper case and tucking them inside one of the corners of his dufflebag that he wouldn't be resting his head on. He turned towards the ocean one more time, and his eyes shut. The ocean air had just the right feel to it, offering the right amount of peace and protection, assuring them that they'd both be safe. It felt about right. His body tilted back and the air eased up from his lungs in a gentle, near silent breath. His head rested against the distinctive and uncomfortable cloth of the dufflebag, but it supported him all the same.

It only took a moment for his mind to be whisked away to another place.

When Ivan woke up, he woke up alone. There were no gentle motions or content breathing from the girl next to him, because there wasn't a girl next to him to start with. The waves had also left him and taken their comforting chant with them. What was once the ocean shore became a desert, a brown and disgusting mass of rotten and decaying matter betrayed by the tide. The smell was so overpowering and inescapable, or it was interpreted as such in his mind that it SHOULD have been. It should have been unbearable, causing him to collapse, and he knew it, but instead it was only a recognition rather than a stimulus.

His senses couldn't have abandoned him, since it defied all logic. But if they haven't, then they were the overwhelming minority. The trees that stood as a shroud between them and the rest of the world had cracked and withered away into a deceased thicket of gnarled and bare branches that covered nothing, sparesely placed as to allow access in and out. They were not safe.

He was not safe. Tabi was gone.

He called out her name, and the air pushed back. Even the air seemed dead, devoid of wind and freshness. He called out again, but his weak and useless throat could only force the word so far before it was eaten up by nothing. Nothing after nothing was consuming everything, turning it into more emptiness. With the absence of everything, even Ivan's heart had started to turn hollow, leaving him to stand atop the sand and rocks, the only things which had stayed to keep him company.

He pulled his foot forward, attempting to walk away from the clearly hostile beach. The sand resisted his every movement and tried to hold him back, to keep him with them as their only mutual company. He couldn't even stop to grab the dufflebag, as they held on to it as well. Everything held on to nothing, nothing swallowed everything, and he was taking the long road to nowhere in particular.

When Ivan finally escaped the sand and reached the scorched dirt and rock that formed the rest of the island, having unearthed itself from the soil, loneliness caught up with him to hang around him some more. He was always alone... that's just what he did. That was him, his life. And for the first time, he felt like something was wrong with that, how everything left him, and he was walking down that road all by himself.

He didn't want to be alone anymore.

And he wasn't alone.

Keith, Clio, Imraan... they all met with him, to give him company. It was too late to turn back to erase his wish. It was too late to even beg for forgiveness as the three descended upon him. Keith pinned Ivan to the ground as his absent face tried to look upon him. Clio's screams pierced his ears, and Imraan's bloodstained hands reached for his throat.

The smell of the blood drove into him, the only thing he could smell now. Somehow, for some reason, there was only one person the blood could belong to.

Imraan said what he would have done had either one of them killed again.


Ivan laid next to Tabi. Something gripped at his body, causing him to shift and struggle with something that existed only inside of him. A few tearful moans joined the chorus of waves that continued to wash over them both, but even the tears wetting his eyes would offer no escape.

Ivan was afraid, and he was lost within himself.
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