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throw that pussy like i'm famous
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Rhory shrank from the boy as he extended his hand, at first trying frantically to crawl back by her elbows. A loud and defiant squelch from the ex-cheerleader’s abdomen stopped her short. She let out something between a sob and a gag.

Her eyes darted to the stick in the boy’s other hand. Not Pygar with the gun. Just the sidekick. Was it a trap? Why not just start going at her now? It’s not like she could go anywhere. She was stuck in this narrow hall, arm tangled in a stew of sickly flesh and oh god her arm sank deeper as she shifted making godawful noises and the stench attacked her and she felt hot vomit and hysteria rising in her throat and she grabbed desperately at the boy’s forearm, flecking both of them with rancid blood and gore and nearly pulling him down into the bloody swamp with her and her legs slid across the floor, panic-flailing across streaks of red-brown

and when the noise started behind her she felt her limbs lurch into motion before she even had the chance to think.
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