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((Jessie Anderson continued from Shaker

Sorry for the GMing, DN hope it's okay, if not I'll edit. Again, I'll fill in a little more tomorrow))

Just as Imraan's assent had been silent, so too had Jessie's thanks. There were times that words weren't necessary, and that had been one of them. As Imraan had caught up to her with his huge stride, Jessie had merely looked around and smiled. Her eyes lit up, like they always did ...and that had been enough.

In front of her rose a building. Her map identified it as the parish. A place of worship on this nightmarish island... it seemed almost obscene. Unnatural. Nevertheless... if they were going to find who they were searching for, a thorough sweep was necessary. Liz wasn't about to pop out of hiding and declare that she was there, not with that bounty on her head. On the way across the island from the key, crossing from west to east, this was where Jessie had missed. For some reason, looping back around had struck her as sensible. Given it had led her to Imraan... Jessie was glad of her gut instinct.

Stopping, Jessie looked up at her friend. "Let's be quick about this. If there's anyone else in there, well... let's just see how it goes. Hopefully they'll want to help us out."

Taking a deep breath, Jessie marched up to the entrance to the building and pushed open the doors, quickly stepping inside... and stopping short immediately. The place was a wreck, a horrible wreck. Past announcements came back to her. Alicia Murazek, Brent Shanahan, one of DK's old teammates, a guy she'd known personally through their shared sport. They'd both died here. She shivered, looking at the destruction, but even as she did, something caught Jessie's eye. Somebody crouched by the alter. She didn't have such a good view but...

They shifted, a face flashed into view, and with it, a name to Jessie's mind.

"Peter? Peter Siu? It's me! It's Jessie!""
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