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Joss Joiner, that was someone Saul didn't know all too well. 'Brendan Wallace... that's the Australian guy, right?' And they'd found his eight ball. Great. But they wanted him to come down to them in order to reclaim it. Was it all just a trap? Saul didn't think so; if his memory was correct, neither name had cropped up on the announcements, so he wasn't dealing with killers.

"Y-yeah, okay," Saul nervously replied, getting back up onto his feet. He tentatively walked down the slope, careful not to lose his footing again. The flashlight was no longer in his eyes, that much he was thankfull for. As he approached the bunker, he could see the beam shining on a certain spherical object. 'There it is!' he thought.

"Thanks," Saul said as he jumped down into the bunker, picking the ball up and putting it back into his jacket pocket. "Magic eight ball, my weapon, if you can even call it that." He sighed, sitting down and looked around through the darkness. So here he was, sitting in what amounted to a large sand pit with two people he barely knew. Brendan, who did indeed turn out to be the Australian guy, going by his accent, was asking him if he wanted to stay.

"I... yeah, I think I'd rather stick around here for the time being. I know it probably feels like I'm intruding here, but I don't have anything decent on me as far as weapons go, and I don't want to go out on my own in the dark." Well, that made him sound like a great big coward, but it was true. Leaving a place of relative safety to head off by himself in the middle of the night, that was just begging to be picked off by one of the many killers lurking around. Speaking of 'killers', he still needed to find Garry and find out what the hell had happened. And find out where Sapphire went off to while he was at it.

"So, uh, I might as well ask you guys," he spoke, breaking the silence, "you haven't seen Garry Villette or Sapphire... uh, dunno her last name, anywhere, have you? Garry's a big guy, black hair in a ponytail, has a lot of facial hair, loves wolves. Sapphire... uhh... she's got brown hair, purple shirt, lots of jewellery."
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