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((Where'd Sunny go?))

"Come on Cisco, calm down, no-one's going to hurt you. He didn't mean to kill her, I saw it myself, it was all a stupid accident."

Cisco whimpered incoherently to himself as Josee Tremblay wrapped his arm around him. He just couldn't bring himself to try to replicate his feat, however miraculously unlikely it was to pull off in the first place. His hand remained in that record sleeve, his fingertips making their way across the dried bloodstains on once-shiny metal. The alternating texture of smoothness and a slight stickiness did little to calm him as much as that warm embrace. And for those few, fleeting moments, it felt like what he did really didn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

"Okay, look... As you may already noticed, my escape plan is bloodless, and I have no intention of hurting anyone, unless in self defense. So you can both calm down..."

It was that moment of calm that essentially helped his mind lose track of what he wanted to do or say. Or at least focus on it a little less than he did a moment ago.

"Anyway, I'm going to continue with my plan. You like it? Feel free to go with me. Don't like it? Go the other way. After all, no one 'orders' you to stay with me..."

Nobody was ordering Cisco to leave, either. He couldn't exactly 'hear' what Death had planning for his insubordination. He couldn't think of any way to make up for it, at least not when he was looking almost feline trying to enjoy that embrace of hers.

"I want to go to the broken cell phone tower next. It had to be built for a certain phone company, so if we'll learn which one, maybe that will narrow down things a bit. If you have a better idea though, then I'm all ears."

And he definitely did not have a "better idea" to even enhance his self-preservation. Maybe he had subliminally passed that point of no return - or no hope in his case. Maybe death was something best enjoyed coming at him. Or for the time being, goddamn did that arm around him feel good. Almost invigorating. It wasn't hard to tell he'd tag along just to get more of it.
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