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Reiko finally lowered the gun as the last person left the beach, leaving her all alone, ankle deep in water and shivering. The first step was to get out of the surf and onto dry land. Once she did this, the small girl dug through her bag to find an extra change of clothes. Staying in the ones she was wearing now would just cause her to catch a cold, and she didn't have time for that.

Reiko peeled off the soaked red sleeveless shirt, leaving herself completely exposed from the waist up for a brief moment before a similar green shirt took it's place. Her pants were replaced with a pair of black cargo shorts, which would allow her to dry out a bit better. Not to mention that it had been getting really hot in the heavy pants. She didn't bother with a new pair of underwear, instead opting to go without them for the time being. It wasn't like she was going to be taking off her pants any time soon. Her feet had managed to stay relatively dry, but she did take a moment to change her socks just in case. She knew all too well the horrors of athlete's foot.

Folding the wet clothing as small as she could, the small girl deposited them into a corner of her bag where it would hopefully not get into anything else. Her pistol went into the pocket of her shorts, safety on. She went to grab the shotgun from it's place, only to remember that Courtney had run off with it. Whatever, it wasn't like she would use it. Heaving the bag back onto her shoulders, Reiko began to head back inward. Maybe she would have more luck there.

((Reiko Ishida continued in Suum Venite Faciamus Latere))
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