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A few minutes ago, Joshua and Marty were quite possibly the happiest people on the entire island.

Now though, it was safe to say that they were amongst the least.

For just a brief moment, Joshua felt energized as his fist collided with Quincy's face. Like he was actually being the hero for once, rather than just uselessly standing by the sidelines without a clue as to how he could help. That he was making up for all the many times when he'd failed to protect his fellow classmates. Such as when he wasn't there in time to save Everett from being beaten to death, or when he was helpless to prevent R.J from shooting Eva in defense. And, most recently, when he failed to break up the fight between Aston and Michelle. Hell, that time, Marty had been the one who finally manned up and took action. So for just this brief moment, Joshua could finally take satisfaction in the fact that he was actually doing something useful for once.

That moment however was quickly shattered when he felt the hard blunt edge of a golf club smack him in the back of the head, quickly followed by the butt of Quincy's rifle slam into the side of his head and knock him to the floor in a heap.

To say that it hurt would have been... Well, a vicious understatement to say the least. Even with the sudden rush of adrenaline running through his veins, Joshua couldn't help but cry out in pain as he fell onto the floor, his vision a blurry mess as his brain reacted to the blows inflicted upon it twice in a row. A headache unlike anything Joshua could have ever dreamed of tore at his mind, blocking out all of his senses for just a few seconds. The pain of the injury inflicted upon his knee almost paled in comparison so what he was feeling at that very moment, which Joshua would have compared to being on the verge of unconsciousness if he'd actually been given the chance to do so.

And all the while, Marty just stood there with a stunned expression on his face.

It had all happened so fast... One second, Marty was yelling unintelligible insults at the bastard who'd just shot his best friend in the kneecap, the next Joshua had bolted from where he was lying down and actually punched Quincy in the face!

Marty couldn't help but wince as Joshua put pressure down onto his bad knee, almost as if he could feel the pain that must have been coursing through Joshua's body at that very moment. And then, barely a second later, Joshua told Marty to do one thing he didn't feel like doing for once.

Joshua told him to run.

If anyone else had been in Joshua's position, Marty would have done so within a heartbeat. It was the most sensible thing to do in that situation, not to mention the most pragmatic. There was nothing else Marty really COULD do other then get himself killed...

...And yet, the idea of abandoning Joshua to his fate shocked Marty more than anything else this island could have thrown at him.

No... No, I-I can't! No, fuck this shit, I can't just LEAVE him! Not after I let Carol die because I was was too much of a pussy look for her! This isn't fair! It wasn't supposed to happen like this damnit, IT WASN'T!!!

It was at that moment that it truly hit Marty that, no matter what he did now, Joshua fate was sealed. Even if Marty somehow managed to scare away Quincy and Tiffany, or someone like Aston ran in and shot the two of them on the spot, Joshua was dead. That gunshot to the knee was more than enough to cripple him for the rest of the game. Even IF Marty managed to save him now, it would have only been a matter of time before Joshua died because of his injury anyway. As much as Marty hated... No, LOATHED to admit it, the only chance he had at living would be if he followed Joshua's final demand and ran now whilst he still had the chance.

And deep down, Marty knew that he couldn't let down Joshua by going against his last wishes.

With hot tears soaking soaking his face, Marty grabbed the jutte Tiffany had dropped and ran. Even if he was to be forced to abandon his friend to die at the hands of a psychopath like Quincy, he'd be damned if he was going to let them get their hands on his friend's weapon.

And from there on, Marty ran. Ran away from the danger that had befallen them. Ran away from the danger that was now about to kill his only friend in the entire world. and abandon him to his fate like some kind of dog. Abandon the one person who'd shown him kindness back at Bayview, the one person who Marty could have honestly called his friend. The one person who Marty genuinely trusted in the entire world other than his sister.

And all the while, despite telling himself over and over again that he was only doing this because Joshua had specifically requested it, he'd never felt more like a filthy coward in his entire life.

((Marty J. Lovett continued elsewhere...))

In all the confusion, and despite being on the edge of unconsciousness, Joshua could still see out of the corner of his eye that Marty had done as he'd asked and run. Run to live for another day. Live with the possibility that he might actually be able to make it off the island in one piece after all.

With what little strength he could muster, Joshua managed to pull off a faint smile as he watched Marty disappear into the distance. He'd actually done it in the end. He'd actually been the hero and saved his best friend's life. Sure, he was going to die any second now, but at least he could die knowing that he'd finally been able to do the right thing.

Peace out Marty... I don't think I could've have asked for a better frie-


Joshua barely had the chance to finish his last thoughts before Quincy pulled the trigger, the bullet hitting Joshua squarely in the side of the head and killing him almost instantly.

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