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"Yeah. Sure."

Jesus bloody Christ. If it was gonna be that easy, why did they have to talk at all? Why couldn't Charlene have just buggered off on her own and, like, not completely ruined the moment that was almost becoming a real moment and not just another segment of her nervous breakdown? God, hookups were so difficult, here on Survival of the Fittest. Hayley returned her attention to where it would be better appreciated- the boy whose hair one of her hands was still gripping- but saw immediately that that attention was not being returned. In fact, Kyle was fixed entirely on Charlene, and she was just about to say something along the lines of this is no time to be staring at tits that aren't mine when she saw the look on his face.

That look suggested that she turn around herself, and so she did.


Over the next few hours, when she'd play this moment in time back over and over again in her mind, this would all be in slow motion. Reality wasn't so convenient.

"Keep your hands where we can see them!"

She saw his knife before she registered Charlene. More specifically, she was the glint of something, saw light glancing off of something, and a flick of her eyes in that direction confirmed that yes, it was Kyle's shiny shiny knife. Before she had the chance to ask why he was going so hard when Charlene was leaving anyway, she realized that she wasn't. And that her hand was stuck in her bag. And didn't Charlene have a gun when I saw- ...oh.

Oh, no-

If she'd had another minute, just another second, another instant to speak, she could've stopped him. She knew she could've. But the whole thing took happened so quickly, no one could've stopped it. No one could've changed this. That was what she was going to keep telling herself, over and over, and maybe then it would be true.

But she saw the glint of something in the light, and saw that something move, and she saw Charlene's arm move almost with it, almost at the same moment-

And Hayley shut her eyes.

Too goddamn late.
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