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"Hey. You mind, especially?"

Given Charlie's memories of Hayley, and the relationship she had to three of her kills (direct witness to Steve, James' best friend's girlfriend, somewhat-ally of Jason), Charlie had been, for a second, scared out of her mind over what Hayley was going to do. Then, all Hayley did was wave Charlie away, which confused Charlie, who was now wondering what the hell she was to do.

Run. Now. (No. Shoot them. Don't be number five!) Number five? What's that? Just get out of there, Chuck! (She's killed four people! She'll blow your head off first chance she gets!) My name isn't Chuck! Stop calling me that! Okay, stop, all of me! I'm just going to back away, slowly, facing them, holding onto the gun. (Sounds pretty good.) Sure, whatever.

"Yeah. Sure." Charlie just slowly stepped back, her right hand creeping into her issued bag, taking hold of the pistol inside, just in case Hayley decided to kill her with some hidden weapon inside her, well, Hayley probably had some sort of weapon hidden away. Charlie wouldn't put it past her.
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