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((Tabi Gweneth continued from The Sound of Silence))

Tabi Gweneth was still silent, still enjoying the company that she and Ivan shared. She felt a warmth swirling inside of her, causing her to keep that gentle smile. The moment was still caught on her lips. Her hands had still not left Ivan's side.

Then, they reached the ocean. She blinked, staring at the waves as they crashed against the beach. It would have been the perfect spot to sit and watch the sunset. But it served more as a cold

A reminder of where they were. A reminder of what had happened before. They were still here on this island.

Tabi felt her hand slipping out of Ivan's. The memory was worming it's way back in. Even though she had just shared the most special moment of her life with Ivan. That didn't change what had happened. She was a killer.

The smile started to fade with each crashing wave. She closed her eyes trying to hide away the image. But the sound remained, much as the sound of Clio's voice was there, the sound of the waves were there too.

Ivan renewed Tabi's attention and turning towards him, she saw the copse of trees and the grassy patch in front of it. He said that they should rest. She looked up to him hoping to find a way to focus back to now. Back to the moment. But it left Tabi all the more confused.

She tried her hardest to force another smile and nodded. Rest, was something she needed. That she could not deny.

The two of them walked over to their makeshift sleeping quarters and Tabi quietly listened to Ivan's suggestions. She had brought a sleeping bag for the trip, but it was long gone, likely in the hands of whoever had searched her bag. Not that she wasn't used to it by now.

She grabbed her duffle bag and propped it against the ground. It would have to do. She let out a loud yawn, covering her face as if she could hide her sleep deprevation from Ivan.

Tabi dropped down to the firm ground and rested her head on the dufflebag. It wasn't very comfortable, even if it was the only thing that they had. She did not voice complaint however, she just lay there, soaking in her makeshift bed for the night.

The oceanside made the air cold, chilling her body. Whether it was the enviroment or her own restless thoughts; she could not say.

Ivan placed his bag down next to her and he too dropped down to the ground. Ivan was staring straight at her. He seemed to be happy, just laying there in front of her. It was calming, but terrifying.

Her body started to crumple up back into a ball. Was this right? This mixture of warmth and fear. Was this the way you were supposed to feel?

Tabi closed her eyes, she was lost in her thoughts. She had to sleep. She needed sleep.
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