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Sofia was a fucking tough little nut for such a tiny girl.

The first hit struck gloriously, sending Sofia off her feet, but she was far too fast on her reflexes for any real damage to have been done. It was a sloppy gun butt thankfully though, so avoiding it didn't prove too impossible.

But sloppy swing or not, Sofia wasn't giving up as she charged at her, attacking wildly and forcing a retreat. It wasn't coming close to hitting her, but her fight or flight response was saying 'Don't give smacked by a big heavy piece of metal'.

Then she started firing the gun again.

Fuck, if it had gone off she'd have lost there and then; luck was definitely on her side at that moment..

Though her hand was covered in blood from where one of her nails had ripped on fat John's face, she gave her feline scratch once again at Sofia, dragging it down her face with a bloody schlork. That little scratch opened her up though, as she stomach was put in sharp pain from a well aimed this time gun butt at her gut. Before she knew it, she had been shoved onto her ass in the moment of surprise. When she looked up, Sofia had put some proper distance between them.

Perfect for a gun.

Sofia's screaming didn't alter reality though, and her shotgun continued to spare Janet's life.

And just like that, she took off, leaving a crimson Janet on the floor.

She could hear what she was screaming again from the distance, but she was in no mood to shout anything back. That fucking cunt had murdered someone, and then she'd tried to kill her.

Someone had just tried to kill her.

"...fuck!" she yelled, punching her fist into the ground, catching the loose nail in the dirt and breaking it off. She clutched her hand to her chest as she doubled over from the blistering pain.

"FUCK!" she yelled once again.

It took a few moments before she could focus again, but she slowly calmed down to moderate anger rather than blind fury. Her hand was blood soaked by now, as she crawled over the cliff to look down.

She couldn't see fat John anywhere, but she didn't have to be no doctor to know that he wasn't breathing any more.

He was dead. Just like Chadd.

He had pointed that gun at them, but did he deserve to die? He was in the same fucked up situation they were, after all.

That cunt had killed him in cold blood. She had the shotgun, killing him was just a bonus.

And she'd tried to kill her.

...she deserved to die.

"FUCK!" she reiterated, as if it was the only word she knew any more. Her finger was stinging like hell, and the shit around her was driving her mad.

Why the hell did anyone have to die?! They were all just going on their senior trip! What the hell did they do to this Danya fucker to deserve this?!

"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" she screamed wildly, talking to a person she couldn't even hope to see. "YOU AND YOUR FUCKED UP IDEALS!"

This Danya fucker had destroyed everything! He'd murdered her boyfriend, he'd murdered John, he'd almost murdered her! And if things went on, he'd keep fucking up everything until there was nothing left!

The collar on her neck choked even tighter than before, strangling any sense of freedom she could've felt any more.

She rolled over into the dirt, face pressing against the damp grass. She realised the dampness was her own blood.

"You fucking piece of shit..." she muttered to herself, eye lids growing heavier. "I'll fuck you up..."

She would need to move sooner or later; she couldn't stay there forever, or Sofia might come back. She would definitly need to keep moving.

But right now, everything was hurting her so much. She couldn't move, not at this moment.

And then the pain overcame her.

((Janet Claymont continued in Corpsewalker.))
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