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((Aileen's about five steps away from going inactive. D:))

Aha! Aaron agreed with her! Too many choke points, too many spots where a sniper could pick them off. She didn't even think of that. Sure, she doubted that someone would have the foresight to do something like that, but you never know. So it was settled. No more houses. Find somewhere isolated, and do their business there. And then they could find the others and anyone else that could help them, and then start things up.


Unfortunately though... Milo was, shall we say, being silly. Actually, that was an understatement.

He immediately shouted at her about how he wasn't a "Ron". What the fuck was a "Ron", and why was it so bad? It took Aileen a couple of seconds to realize that when she called him "Mil-ron", it apparently somehow registered to him that he was being insulted, but he had no clue how he was being insulted. Apparently her insult was preferable over being called a "Ron". Was that an insulting slang term she didn't know yet or something?

Oh, also, her name was Wilhelmina now. She wasn't sure if she ever got to introduce herself to him, but if she did, it was a question of "How the fuck did you get Wilhelmina out of Aileen Borden?". But apparently, that was the name that came up to him when he looked at her. She would be a hypocrite if she commented on his ability to forget names, but not if she commented on what he did next.

Which was call out to this Jacquard girl and taunt her.

God, what an idiot! He was going to attract all sorts of people! Not just Jacquard or Rob, either. Heck, Reika's sister, Lombardi, Reid, Hartmann or someone like that could just so happen to be nearby and act. Sure, just because she yelled earlier didn't mean he was allowed to do so too! God damn, this was stupid!

As he screamed out to Jacquard, Aileen looked towards Aaron, the expression on her face summing things up quite nicely; confusion, shock, and frustration towards Milo.

And to finish it off, Milo turned to her again and acted as if he had "proved" something to her beyond being an idiot that taunts killers who already had a bone to pick with at least one person in the group.

Okay? He really needed to learn not to do that. Now.

"Look. If you want to have wild passionate kinky sex with the killers, go on right ahead. Just keep in mind that they're, you know, homicidal maniacs? I hear those aren't the best lovers. Seriously, though, don't. Taunt. Them. Unless you want to die. Okay?"

Sighing deeply, she placed one hand to her forehead, gently massaging it with eyes closed and glasses slightly pushed up. God damn.

"Aaron..." she started out, but refrained from what she had the urge to say next. She had seen a lot of idiots at school, sure. But her mom always told her not to react to them. Right? Right.

A few noises. A small voice? Footsteps? Eh, must be imagining something. Hopefully, if Milo didn't attract someone.

"Anyways. Aaron, we're supposed to meet up with that girl of yours, right? Bounce, was that it?" Aileen was now trying her best to stay on topic, rather than dealing with Milo's... issues, shall we say. "And... do you know anyone else that could help? What about the other people we ran into right at the start? Like, at the gazebo? I'm pretty sure there were other people there. Do you know any of them personally?"

Looking back on the first day, soap girl seemed enthusiastic about helping. And heck, while Other Lily and Rocko seemed like the unreliable types at the time, in hindsight they could turn out to be ridiculously helpful in the long run.

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