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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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(Hopefully bringing this back to a more consistent order is a go!)

To say progress was slow would be a massive understatement. The further Logan crept forwards, the more he had time to think about what he was doing, and find it loathesome. Here he was, a boy who had previously been planning to become some kind of heroic slayer of evil killers, instantly fleeing from some girl with a gun, and now instantly going along with whatever some guy told him, because he had a shotgun. For all he knew, Bill was the real murderer in the mirror hall, and he'd been playing Logan for a fool the whole time. After all, he had a pretty damn sweet weapon, it would be hard not to take advantage of it.

Not much he could do about it for the moment, though. Logan had no idea where Bill had gotten to, the path the other boy had taken probably wouldn't be easy to get back to, let alone follow. So he carried on the way he was going, shoving the occasional shard of glass out of his way with either his shoes or his stick. At that moment, labelling it a weapon felt somehow wrong.

Progress continued to be slow, unsurprisingly. The terrain wasn't getting any easier, and the suspicions of Bill's motives weren't getting any quieter inside his head.

And then a scream pierced the midnight silence. Female, more shock than fear, and nearby. Logan sped up, the advantage of a little extra focus, and navigated towards where the sound had come from. Just shy of a minute later, the boy reached his destination.

He was sure that he was in the right place, but to begin with, Logan couldn't see anything. Not anything alive, at any rate. Eventually, his eyes fell upon the unusual spectacle of a girl - alive and well, at least physically - laying in what was apparently once another girl - dead and very not well.

Doubt flared up again; what kind of horrible murderer trips over a corpse and screams? Surely the actual killer would've known the body was there to begin with, and wouldn't have given themself away so easily. So either Bill was playing him, or at the very least, this wasn't the person they were looking for.

So with that in mind, Logan switched his hakapik to his left hand, approached Rhory, and extended his right hand in an offer to help her up. Partly because of seeing the Evelyn's remains close up, partly because of the residual panic from minutes before, his voice was still shaky, however he did his best to sound un-threatening at the very least, maybe kind, and, at the unlikely best, moderately confident.

"Er, are you okay?"

So much for the confidence.
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