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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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So it didn't look like Kyle was gonna make a big deal out of it, or maybe he hadn't even noticed. Boys are the most oblivious creatures on the goddamn planet. Thankfully. That was good, because the last thing Hayley wanted to do right now was discuss the really exceptionally shitty thoughts that were attempting brain-blitzkrieg at the moment. She might explode if she didn't talk at some point, but really, she didn't feel like burdening her friends with all the stupid shit she was thinking about, and besides, they were probably thinking the same things, yeah? She was just the cold bitch who managed to really not think about it until fucking day 6. There'll be plenty of time ...time, anyway. Time to talk later. This is not the goddamn time. This was a time for other things, things involving nudity and scaring the wildlife and probably attracting the attention of any nearby cameras- that being something else Hayley didn't want to think about. She would not have given two fucks under other circumstances, but right now voyeuristic was the last thing on her trait list.

Goddammit. Her boyfriend's hand was sliding down her back and she was caught up thinking about corpses and blood and death and shit and that was kind of killing her mood given that she really was not into that okay maybe blood but this is kind of the wrong context, yeah? One of her hands wandered up into his hair, because that was the thing to do, and she found herself wondering how she could've ever thought this was a good idea.

Fuck. Fucking hell.

His mouth wandered away from hers, down to her neck, and she hated that mainly because that meant the camera could see whatever expression was on her face right now. She wasn't sure how she looked right now, but it probably wasn't pretty. Her eyes pricked threateningly yet again and she mentally threatened her eyes back before realizing that the only thing she could threaten her eyes with was destruction and that would be kind of counter-productive, all things considered-

Yeah, Hayley Kelly wasn't in a good place right now. Understatements are awesome.

One of her hands remained where it was, in his hair, while the other searched for something to do and found the button of his jeans. This was convenient, as if there was one skill she'd never really mastered it was undoing buttons one-handed, and she was grateful for the distraction. For a little while- maybe two minutes, maybe thirty seconds, time was kind of dragging- she managed to keep her mind off of much that wasn't getting this fucking button out related. Of course, the moment she realized she'd just about gotten it, all those irritating little irrelevant thoughts came flying back in. Those irritating little irrelevant thoughts about how completely stupid and pointless this all was.

No. Brain. Shut up. How are you supposed to get over this shit if you don't let yourself distract yourself? You can't tell yourself this is to stop thinking and then KEEP THINKING.

Fuck it. Fuck it all, I've got this.

Dammit, girly, show 'em what you can do.

The hand still in his hair gripped a bit tighter. The other hand was finally about to get that godforsaken button undone-

"Hey ..."


It was probably bad that Hayley's most immediate thought was WHERE THE FUCK IS MY GUN. But then, there was that Survival of the Fittest thing again.

This was actually the worst thing ever. Fuck all the deaths, fuck the fact that they were going to die, fuck everything she'd been freaking out over for the last five minutes, the immediacy of THIS was so much worse. Goddammit, I know my karmic account's depleted as shit right now but like, no. Fuck this. No one deserves this shit right now. Maxwell fucking Lombardi does not deserve this shit. Fuck this girl, fuck whoever this is, she is so lucky I'm unarmed right now fucking hell what have I done to deserve this do not answer that CAN I NOT GET SIX SECONDS OF MY LIFE WHERE STUPID SHIT DOES NOT HAPPEN TO ME. PLEASE.

This is seriously the shittiest week ever.

Hayley turned around, because...because she was going to have to, at some point, and as she did so she realized two things. Number one, the girl in front of her was Charlene. That dumb bitch girl from before, yeah? From day, whatsit, day 2? Somewhere around there? Time wasn't her strong suit. At any rate, she'd recognize those tits eyes anywhere. Hayley didn't like her, and she was pretty sure she wasn't particularly fond of Hayley either, and that was totally okay with her, as long as they didn't have to talk. Of course right now they apparently totally had to talk even though the polite thing to do would be, you know, walk away, but this skank was standing there all dumbstruck-like. God how badly Hayley wanted to stab her in the face right now. Did Kyle have his knife on him? She almost wanted to ask but that was probably considered rude, not that she really gave a fuck.

Number two, she became increasingly aware of her shirtlessness. Not that there was much she could do about that right now. Fuck putting clothes back on the for Charlene Norris's non-virgin eyes.

She opened her mouth to speak. There were so many caustic things she could say right now but they felt like wastes of time. Why bother? She settled for-


And she made a shooing motion.

"You mind, especially?"
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