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((Ivan Kuznetsov continued from from The Sound of Silence))

They had been walking all day, but the sounds of crashing waves that greeted them told them that they were almost done.

As the vast and endless ocean came into view, it seemed to close a chapter of their stay on the island. The sun was setting behind the two, indicating that this was the eastern beach of the island, opposite the one that Ivan had woken up near so many days ago. He had been on both the western and eastern edges of the island, finally letting him get a feel for how vast the island truly was. Or, that was to say, how vast it was not. The children were approaching what was the border of a mere speck in the world, something that was insignificant in the grand scheme of things. They, themselves, were insignificant even to the island.

No matter their standing, they had made it to another day, the best they could have asked for. The game had lost its meaning, even some of its horror. As long as he had his life and Tabi beside him, he was living, and would fear nothing else this island could throw to him. The collars were parts of them now rather than a symbol of their oppression and practical slavery, forced to play a sadist's sport. The cameras, ever-present in every fathomable area, had become natural. They didn't even inspire anger in the fact that they were being watched, because even that had lost its meaning now.

They just needed a good night's sleep after what had happened, that was all. For those who were counting, others had called this 'day 6'. However, when one has to watch their back constantly and nightmares lurk in the supposedly safe depths of sleep, days meld together into blocks of restless time. The sun and the moon hadn't changed a bit (though Ivan had noted that the stars had, but that was natural considering they had been whisked away to a different part of the globe), but the cycles of night and day had become more trivial. Rather than signal that it was the proper time to be awake or to sleep, they just meant that at certain times, they'd be slightly harder to spot.

As soil gave way to sand under their footsteps, the tree canopy fell away, offering a full view of the evening sky. While the sunset itself was tucked out of view, even the darkening hue of the night that was to come was strikingly beautiful. How rare it was that they even had time to appreciate such a thing. Even now, the duo had more important things to think about, like...

Where are we going to sleep?

Ivan gave the beach a quick sweep with his eyes. He couldn't see anybody else, though that hardly meant they were safe. As the waves rolled in and back out again, he began to relax... or maybe that was just sleep deprivation catching up to him. Supposedly safe or not, they couldn't just sleep out on the stretches of the beach, where they'd be exposed and sticking out like a sore thumb. Besides, it wasn't like he had brought a blanket, and he was willing to guess Tabi had not brought one either or they would've used it by now. He wanted to kick himself for not nabbing a blanket from the residence they visited, but it wasn't like they had time to get out of there.

The town... we're supposed to go back there, to grab Tabi's... reward.

A flash to his own 'reward retrieval' was welcomed to Ivan's mind by swiftly being shoved to the back of it.

"Come on, Tabi. We can rest over here." Ivan jerked his head back towards the trees. There was a spot that'd be perfect, a lucky break for them. The mansion they had passed seemed like it would be so much more comfortable, but comfort meant people. The less people the two had to be around, the better for now. They needed to keep their strength up, and couldn't afford to be accosted by another killer on the island. Especially Tabi... the poor girl needed a break, and Ivan wanted to do all he could for her. Not just to protect her and keep her safe from the killers, but to even keep her away from them and make her feel safe, if only for a bit.

The spot Ivan had found for them was a small patch of grass, one of the last before sand overtook the terrain. Rocks began to crop up all around, including on either side of the patch, offering a little bit of protection from the view of others. Finally, of course, it had a fantastic view of the ocean for what little it was worth. Out past the horizon sat the rest of the world, but that was a place they could not go. It was a place neither of them might ever see ever again, but Ivan was doing his best to convince himself that he was alright with it.

Maybe he was, but was Tabi?

"We can use our dufflebags as pillows, but we're SOL when it comes to blankets..." Ivan sighed, sitting himself down on the grass that would serve as their bed. The grass was a little dry and somewhat loud, even just a little bit gritty from the sand of the beach, but it would do just fine. At least he and Tabi got to enjoy another night, and maybe they'd actually sleep through it this time.
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