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it was a graveyard smash
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Fiona Sparki took several deep breaths, her hands shaking violently. She kept her eyes focused down upon Staffan because she was too afraid to look elsewhere. Why did it have to come to this? Letting out a shuddered breath and wiping the splattered blood from her face, Fiona let go of the axe and crouched down beside Staffan. He wasn't moving, his eyes were still open in shock.. She slowly reached out two fingers to his neck to check if he was dead, and the results came out positive. Another dead by Fiona's hand, but once again, she didn't seem to mind much.

"I've killed two people for Nik so far, he'd better be grateful," she thought to herself, but she honestly doubted that Nik cared at this point... He had been shot. Would he hate her for killing his brother? Would he congratulate her, give her a pat on the back?

Steffan had been asking for it. People just needed to learn that you don't go around trying to kill people without repercussions. And if a lesson learned was through the blade of an axe, well so be it! Just like with Owen, Fiona wasn't about to stand around and let someone kill Nik. But what if it was too late? What if killing Staffan accomplished nothing at all?

Time to face the music. Check on Nik and Evelyn... Maybe it's not too late. Fiona stood up and wrapped her hands around the handle of her axe. With a few strong tugs, the blade came free with a disgusting scraping sound, and blood dripped into the grass. She placed her weapon beside her bag and turned to her comrades, but an unlikely thought passed through her head... It was all Evelyn's fault. If Evelyn hadn't told Nik not to shoot his brother, Staffan would have been dead before Nik got shot! It wouldn't have come to this... What was Evelyn's problem?! Why had she wanted to keep Staffan alive when he was obviously homicidal? Seriously, who kills one's own brother!

Fiona turned around only to witness Nik and Evelyn lying on the ground. Evelyn wasn't moving... Had she been shot in the battle between Nik and Staffan? Her eyes kept going from Nik to Evelyn, and she wasn't sure who to help.. They were both injured, clearly bleeding quite a lot! Scampering over to her daypack, she wrestled out her first-aid kit from amongst her rations and brought it over to her two remaining friends. "I-I-I.." She couldn't keep herself from stuttering in a blinding panic. "I have a first-aid kit, um.. um.." She opened the box and stared at all the stuff inside, unsure of what to use or utilize... Fiona had never taken a first-aid class...

Nik appeared to be still breathing, but Evelyn was strangely still. Jesus Christ, no... Reaching out her fingers to check her neck as she had done with Staffan, she gained the same result... She was dead - bled out in a matter of minutes. Is this what would happen with Nik? She couldn't lose both of them.. not now. Not here, within minutes of each other. "Oh god..." Now she felt like a complete and utter jackass, blaming Nik's injury on Evelyn... Now Evelyn was dead. How could you possibly blame something on a dead person? It seemed distasteful.

Nik would be okay. Everything would be fine.

"Nik... Nik, talk to me.." Fiona said softly, placing her hand on his shoulder. She didn't want to try to lift his head or get him off the ground or anything, but she wanted hear his voice. She wanted to hear him say that everything would be okay. It was just a scrape. He just needed a band-aid or two... He wasn't-

Oh god, there was blood everywhere.

With an anguished cry, Fiona buried her head in her hands. Everyone was dying. Her pathetic first-aid kid wasn't saving someone from a bullet.
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