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As Thea came into view, the gun that she had been listlessly trailing along behind her was cocked and pointed at the girl, before Acacia had even thought about who she was. At a glance she might have appeared convincing, her stance was firm and her left hand steadied her right wrist, and there was a sudden concentration in her eyes that would have made her math teachers of yore weep with joy. But on closer inspection, her right index finger was hesitant on the trigger, barely touching it, and there was a faintly visible shake that her steadying hand wasn't quite able to control. Once Thea's face came into view she dropped the weapon, barely able to believe her luck at finding a friend just when she was at her weakest.

Her face broke into an honest smile for the first time since Roman was shot, and she stowed the gun away in her pants. The corners of her mouth wobbled suddenly with an urge to cry that she suppressed, not wanting to burden Thea with her problems quite so soon after meeting her, not wanting to scare her away with her tears. Sniffing, her face now a confused mixture of emotions, she leant her back against the tunnel wall, feeling able to let her guard down for a minute.

"Yeah," Acacia said softly in response to the statement. "Same, I mean, you too," she added with a faint laugh, feeling a little giddy. "Who'd have thought we'd last this long?" she said rhetorically after a beat. She'd thought, after she and Roman had left Thea at the Hall of Mirrors, that she would never see her, or Autumn, or any of them again, and had worried over that for part of the next journey they had taken. It had seemed to her that every goodbye here could possibly be a goodbye forever, in fact, probably would be. Acacia scratched her elbow.

"What have you been up to?" she asked conversationally.
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