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Things degenerated at an extremely rapid pace. Ricky was full of confidence, assuring Jamie that he had things under control. Sure he did. Nothing could possibly go wrong when walking straight up to deranged girl with a gun, right? She was going to point this out, but Ricky was already in action, taking things into his own hands. Jamie watched the whole scene unfold, watched the girl raise the gun, point it at Ricky. Oh man, she was actually going to do it. It was time to move. Time to be gone, lack of water or not. Jamie was just getting ready to book it, when the girl squeezed the trigger and nothing happened.

All of a sudden, the situation was looking very, very different. Ricky had gotten nice and close to the girl with the gun before she pulled the trigger. Now, with her gun jammed or out of ammunition, she was pretty much at the mercy of the larger boy. She seemed to realize it, too, fumbling around quickly, maybe hoping to reload. That wouldn't do at all. This was their break, their chance to control the situation, to get to a point where they could actually all walk out of this alive. Ricky saw it too, and went for the girl, for the gun. As he moved, Jamie shot down the beach towards them, ready to back Ricky up, to help wrestle this girl to the ground.

She could help get the gun, and make sure no one had to die here. And then, when it was all safer and maybe a bit better and saner and more reasonable, she could finally just ask for some water, like she'd meant to do in the first place.

Why was it so hard to get a reasonable word in without being thrown into an instant life-or-death struggle?
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