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((Breaking post order to hurry along Kyle's demise.))

Kyle allowed Hayley to take the lead. As they walked onward, he felt a twinge of trepidation mix with his excitement. This was a rather big step, if they went as far as he assumed they were going to. He knew Hayley's character and could only expect they would go to... that step. But did he really want that?

.... Yes. Maybe it was the fear of perishing as a virgin, or maybe it was because, as he believed, he truly loved Hayley, and he wanted to give himself to her. But he really did want to take that step.

Suddenly Hayley stopped. Kyle nearly walked into her before she turned and, with a firm push, pinned him against a tree. Her eyes met his as they lingered there for a moment. Then a moment longer. Her gaze wavered and she threw her arms around him, pressing her head to his chest. He hesitated for just a moment- this, after all, was not what he expected- but he wrapped his arms around her gently. They stood there for another moment before Kyle realized that Hayley was crying.

'Crying? Somehow I figured that would happen after we had sex.... And I figured it would be me....'

Though this was not a normal situation, and Kyle was nearly mad with a mix of tiredness and fear, he still brought his hand up to the back of Hayley's head. He gently stroked her hair, shushing her quietly and gently. She was shaking with silent sobs. He couldn't think of anything to say; what could be said? It'll be okay? Not only was that a lie, it was a really obvious one. At least one of them was destined to die within the next few days, maybe even today. It would be more hopeful to say that they might both die in the next few days, and therefor be together again in the hereafter. Or it would be if either of them really believed in a hereafter. Not to mention that, according to what Kyle knew of the bible, Hayley would definitely be going to hell, while he might not. He wasn't pure and good forever, obviously, but he was definitely a lot purer than Hayley.

Her sobs quieted, and she turned away, wiping her tears away as discreetly as she could before looking back at him. Then, in a smooth motion, her shirt came off and her lips met his. He closed his eyes and pressed into the kiss, sliding his hand down her back to the top of her jeans. He broke the kiss and slid down slightly, pressing his lips to her neck just below the ear. No mention was made of her tears, on either part. Time enough to talk about that later, right?


And then, for the second time on this stupid island, there was an interruption. This one was far less welcome than Ema, and Kyle nearly yelled, screamed at the intruding bitch to get the hell out of here, there was a moment happening and she was ruining it! His love life was in peril!

And then he realized who it was. One of the others who had been with Hayley when they had found each other. One of the people they had been... pseudo searching for. In between the committing of murder, of course.

Kyle decided this was an occasion for Hayley to do the talking.
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