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((Charlene Norris continued from Revenge is Best Served Cold))

Charlene felt like a whiny bitch.

It was true. When Charlie boarded the bus for the senior trip, her life had been pretty good. She was popular, she was guaranteed college, she was smart ... okay, strike the last part. But still, her biggest worry had been that people would find out about her sexuality, which had been unlocked during the wildest night she had ever had (first and only time she slept with another girl - bonus points for that having qualified as a good night even before the trip.), and think her a slut, and her worst decision up to that point had been putting a stupidly high amount of Jello shots in her bra at a party.

Fast forward six days, and she was at an all-time low. People were dying left and right, she'd been shot, saw a guy get decapitated, watched as another guy got his arm get chopped off, she was afraid that she had lost her best friend and was probably going to die alone, and she had found a fountain to rest at, only to be chased out of it soon after when it became a Danger Zone.

Funny how Charlie's impending doom made her actually think for once as she passed by that weirdly familiar tree ...

Wait, that tree ... Charlie leaned against it and sat down, remembering the last words she said to Thea while they were on somewhat friendly terms ...

"Thea ... I'm so sorry about James. I ... I was with Hayley at first. When she killed that first guy, Steve. I don't trust that girl any more than I can throw her. I owe Alex one, so for him I may not shoot her myself, but if she comes along, I may just ... 'space out' if you try to get her." Charlie looked to her left, where Thea had ...

Fuck, fuck, FUCK! Charlene quickly got up as she looked around. No wonder that tree looked so familiar. She had, somehow, in her travels throughout the day, traveled in a circle, and now she was right back where she had been the previous day. So now she was alone and LOST.

The tears started to come to her eyes, not out of sorrow, or fear, but anger. She wanted to punch something as she stalked off, cursing how she could have been so stupid as to lose herself and not find even one person. There were another, what, one hundred sixty on the island, if Danya was telling the truth. So where were they? ...

After about ten minutes of walking around, Charlie finally looked where she was going. About twenty feet away from her were two people, apparently in the middle of making out. Had she been calmer, she would have just walked away, but she was tired, lonely, and pissed off. Common sense had left for the moment, and maybe she could get some information out. Or maybe she could join them in their romp. Yeah. She could go for a good time right now, as the fleeting thought of sex in the middle of the woods went through her head.

Just like when you fucked Rosa, huh? (Shut up.)

She walked towards the two, calling out to them.

"Hey ..." And that's when she noticed who the female member of the pair was.

Fuck my life.
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