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Rena didn't want to be here anymore.

She didn't want to answer Garry's question about her and Dustin. She didn't want to talk about the boy in the tunnels, or how she'd done the cowards move and run without any explanation from people who were trying to help her.

She didn't want to think about the fact that Dustin had outright referred to her as all kinds of crazy. She didn't want to think about Garry being a killer, or Sunil being a moron, or Dustin being a jerk, or Marion suddenly leaving.

Rena looked at the girl who so quickly left the area. Clearly she had the right idea. Leaving sounded wonderful right about now.

But Rena was sick of running. It was all she'd done, and she was tired. She was broken, beaten, and she felt like just laying down and giving up.

Maybe she was crazy. It sure would make things easier. There'd be no more crying, no more reasoning- she could spend the whole game wandering alone, saying random thoughts to invisible people until some kind, wondrous soul put a bullet in her brain and released her from her misery.

Instead, she was forced to stand there in what was probably the second most horrible encounter she'd had on the island, topped only by standing in a body.

Well, actually, getting a gun pointed at her- twice- and shot once was pretty bad too. And she'd vomited in front of Ridley. And she'd tripped over a tree stump meeting Garry and Sunil.

On second thought, her whole time on this game seemed like one long uncomfortable moment.

Rena didn't take her eyes off of her feet. Garry and Dustin would talk, Sunil would (hopefully) keep quiet, and she'd just blend into the background, doing what she did best and turning invisible.

It was the closest choice to running away she had.
It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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