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So Ricky Fortino had just been out there, taking a stroll on the beach, when this goddamn chick decided that she WASN'T going to give him her gun. What the fuck was up with that? Seriously, he didn't even know this girl. HE DIDN'T EVEN FUCKING KNOW THIS GIRL, so why the hell wasn't she just listening to someone like him who was actually fuckin' IMPORTANT at school and who actually had shot a gun once in his life before that gave him total fucking experience in the measure and Jesus Christ now what was she doing pointing that goddamn thing at him she wasn't supposed to do that and--

Ricky stopped smiling for a second.


"What the fuck, girl!"

He'd thrown his hands up in front of his face, and now he lowered them, feeling a flush of embarrassment.

"You just try to fucking shoot me?"

For a moment he just stood there, utterly nonplussed, as the girl tried to reload. Then Ricky smiled again. Of course it didn't fire. Of course it didn't fire because he was right and everything was gonna be JUST FUCKING FINE for Ricky Fortino, but that didn't mean that he didn't have to teach this goddamn chick a lesson here. He needed to teach her a fucking lesson about what happens when you screw with someone like Ricky Fortino, someone who was touched by fate and the Virgin Mary and for whom everything was ALWAYS going to be just fine.

"You know what? You're a stupid bitch and I don't like your fuckin' face!"

He took three running steps and dove at the girl's arm, ready to wrest away the gun and take some fucking control in this game.
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