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Cisco's reply, instead of calming Mike down or giving him the signal to run, just confused the Pole. Orders? What orders? Who's Joe? Reaping souls? What?

Clearly, Cisco has gone mad. Mike wanted to put some reasoning in his head again, but before he could open up his mouth again, his fellow goalie asked him... Not to kill him? Then, the girl accompanying them went to defend Cisco, and asked to stop shouting, while putting Mike in the attacker's shoes.

What? Since when I became the bad guy in here?

Even though Mike had completely no idea, how and why the situation suddenly took a 180, he felt it was necessary to calm things down.

"Okay, look... As you may already noticed, my escape plan is bloodless, and I have no intention of hurting anyone, unless in self defense. So you can both calm down..."

The Pole started looking for other ways to continue the conversation. Finally, after a few seconds, he recalled the girl asking him for the next step. At least that was the one thing he know a clear answer for.

"Anyway, I'm going to continue with my plan. You like it? Feel free to go with me. Don't like it? Go the other way. After all, no one 'orders' you to stay with me..." Mike couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a stab at Cisco's crazy statements. "I want to go to the broken cell phone tower next. It had to be built for a certain phone company, so if we'll learn which one, maybe that will narrow down things a bit. If you have a better idea though, then I'm all ears."
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