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"Uh... it's me, Saul. I'm unarmed, don't hurt me or anything,"

Saul, Saul, Saul, Saul, Saul, I know that name...Ah, right, Saul, he's the guy in the school mascot costume, isn't he?

Brendan had to do that little cliche "slightly tilt your head to the side to indicate you have no idea what someone's talking about" thing at his other inquiry. Eight ball, huh? He looked down at the ground and ran the tip of his tongue around the outside of his molar teeth, back forward, forward back. What to do...

Well, no time to think, Jojo was looking for an answer.


Brendan nodded. Sure. No harm in this, he was friendly.

"Yeah, what he said, you, uh, can get your thing and...and..." Brendan tried to say, before stumbling again at the last sentence. Once he got his ball, then what? He'd leave. Was that a good thing? Not sure. If he left, chances were that would be it for them, last time they'd ever speak. Good luck, so long, thanks for the memories. Still, he knew he'd taken that risk every time he bailed from the groups he accumulated. They had to be okay, they weren't on the announcements yet...

"...if you want, uh, you could s-stick around, I guess."

He moved the light slightly away from Saul on the green, and put it back down on the sand, illuminating the small bunker. A welcome place for the night, no?

Still, Brendan just wasn't gonna turn into a hospitable host for the time being. The light shone upon the eight ball in the sand, and Brendan left the light there until Saul got his so-called weapon back. Even then, he just curled his legs up to his stomach again, bag and gun clenched under his legs, and half-buried his face in his knees.

Avoid their eyes.

Don't let them look at how much you just wish it could all be over now.

Just avoid their eyes.
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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