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He didn't smile as he saw the knee explode. If he smiled, it would just be creepy. He didn't feel bad about it, certainly, but it was because he'd done what he had to do. He'd made his point. And now Joshua was lying on the floor, screaming in agony. Pussy.

Marty didn't react as he'd expected. The guy was supposed to be shitting his pants, not starting a self indulgent rant. At least the distraction gave Quince time to put the rifle through the necessary bolt actions it took to get another cartridge ready for firing. Definitely not the best weapon for using when close up like this. He should try and get his hands on an automatic pistol if he got the chance. There were bound to be a few on the island. On the other hand, the ammo was almost certainly depleted on them by now.

Half listening to Marty was saying, he noted that the names of the dead mentioned corresponded to what he'd heard on the announcements. Good. Marty was angry. He wasn't thinking. He wasn't lying. That meant he could let go some useful info, assuming that he had any. Quince wasn't certain whether or not the boys had kept anything back, but was willing to gamble on them being stupid or noble enough.

"You think Felicia is gonna want you back after you've slaughtered half the island looking for her? Well, do you!?!"

That stung. Marty had no right to be talking like that. He didn’t know what had been going on. He hadn't seen Quince at gunpoint, helpless. He didn't know that it was necessary to be like this, or else somebody else would. That was how the game worked. If you weren't playing, you were a victim. And Quince wasn't going to be a victim again.

Besides, he didn’t know 'Licia. He didn't understand the relationship. And what he was saying was just stupid. He had to be made to understand that. Quince swung the charged rifle back round towards him.

And then he felt the impact. It was a feeling he was used to. He was a boxer, he was used to being punched. But he wasn't prepared, and Joshua wasn't wearing gloves. His head swung round from the force of the blow, but he kept hold of the rifle. He quickly recovered, and was trying to shake the slight disorientation. The guy knew how to land a punch. Would have made a good sparring partner in other circumstances. Oh well. He was dead anyway.

He briefly registered Tiffany running towards them, swinging the club. Fuck. She meant well, but he couldn’t fire the rifle again for fear of hurting her. No longer paying attention to Marty, he swung the butt of the rifle round and towards Joshua's head. No sense in hurting his hands if he didn't have to.
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